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James Michael Curtin ist ein britischer Wrestler. Derzeit ist er bei WWE unter Vertrag, wo er unter dem Ringnamen Drake Maverick für die Marke NXT auftritt. Er ist bekannt für seine Amtszeit im Impact Wrestling unter dem Ringnamen Rockstar Spud. Abseits des Wrestlings. James Michael Curtin, besser bekannt unter seinem Ringnamen Rockstar Spud, wurde am Januar in Birmingham, West. Alias, Drake Maverick, Rockstar Spud, Spider-Man, Spud. Spitznamen, Pocket Dynamo, Rockstar. Verwandtschaft, Rockstar Spud ist der Ehemann von Renee. Rockstar Spud Kurzinterview in Englisch TNA UK Wrestling und Wrestler in Deutschland British Bootcamp Dixie Carter Klamotten Geschmack Situation. Er ist bekannt für seine Arbeit mit bekannten Impact Wrestling und verschiedenen britischen und amerikanischen Indies unter dem Ringnamen ‚ Rockstar Spud '.

Rockstar Spud

Rockstar Spud Kurzinterview in Englisch TNA UK Wrestling und Wrestler in Deutschland British Bootcamp Dixie Carter Klamotten Geschmack Situation. Er ist bekannt für seine Arbeit mit bekannten Impact Wrestling und verschiedenen britischen und amerikanischen Indies unter dem Ringnamen ‚ Rockstar Spud '. ein Kurz Interview mit Rockstar Spud Themen: TNA // UK // Wrestling und Wrestler in Deutschland // British Bootcamp // Dixie Carter // Klamotten Geschmack. Plus, not forget the post-match, where EC3 cuts one of the most heartfelt and flattering promos for Spud that puts him over learn more here defeat, and then immediately takes it away with a single Rockstar Spud Celebrity Deathmatch. In derselben Nacht nahm er an more info Tag - Team - Apocalypto, mit Teaming Swogglewurde aber von ihm während des Spiels angegriffen, das Spiel zu verlieren. MatteoMerdok wrote on Spud puts on the underdog Game Steampunk of his career, hitting death-defying dives early on before wearing a crimson mask in defiance of his former friend. Allgemeine Informationen. Spud also had the performance of a lifetime, fighting through some heavy blood loss and showing only Verwaltungsgericht Arnsberg congratulate heart. Auf dem Spud was just terrific in his role. Hypocrisy wrote on

Click Here. Does this happen often with shoots at SM events? His name is Giles. I only took the photo with Spud as an example to show how you can reduce height.

Normally we take them vertically portrait - because sometimes he might tilt the camera, although sometimes he doesn't Well, they are people who downgrade their owns heights although they are not as many as those who upgrade theirs.

Thanks for your explanation. Normally I ask him to take portait shots. I put him 5'5 or 5'5. You can fool people, because you disbelieve his own 5ft 4 claim in person he looked this - see the height challenge girls at 5ft 5 and 5ft 5.

Both an inch taller than Spud in person Spud is that guys height This Spud photo has the photographer angling the camera to reduce height difference, plus he has military posture, I don't.

Here's a useful pic showing how much a 4 degree or 8 degree tilt can have on the same image, Click Here. An 8 degree tilt can knock 1.

Whatever camera advantage he has, its not that much if he's looking more just 5'4 flat in person. Besides the that, though, his arms look ridiculously out of proportion.

His head and torso look fairly average, but the length of the arms make him look like a little person; it's weird. You can tell he looks taller because of the camera.

He looks over 5'4" flat here to me. My eyes in reality are above his hairline He looks weak 5'6 [Editor Rob: see what I said to Vegas, he is 5ft 4 in person like he says.

Aylin Tezel. Spud began working for Frontier Wrestling Alliance in , and was brought up into the main roster to be used as a jobber for a short time, competing against many larger opponents.

Upon the FWA's relaunch, Spud performed under his Rockstar gimmick with an over-the-top entrance including a female security guard, a band, and a groupie.

Spud competed regularly for the International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom promotion right from its creation in Phoenix suffered a deep wound to his head while Spud suffered what appeared to be a separated or dislocated shoulder due to a dropkick at the hands of Storm.

Still competing under the out matched underdog gimmick , Spud had a longtime feud with American wrestler Sterling James Keenan and the super heavyweight Abyss.

Spud returned on 18 July episode of Impact Wrestling , when he took part in the Destination X episode of Impact Wrestling and entered a tournament to determine the new X Division Champion ; he was defeated by Greg Marasciulo in his first round three-way match, which also included Rubix.

Later on the night, he hosted an in-ring Thanksgiving dinner with the entire heel roster only to be interrupted by Kurt Angle and the faces of TNA which ended in a brawl.

However, when his TNA contract was up for renewal in April , Carter, upon her return, awarded him a 'substantial contract extension' in reward for his loyalty to her, and also retained his position as her Chief of Staff.

In the end, Spud fought back and immediately punched Carter, and turning face in the process. Rather than physically retaliating, EC3 fired him from his position as the Carters' chief of staff.

Hair match, which Spud lost. On 27 March episode of Impact Wrestling , he successfully defended his title against Low Ki in a rematch. Later, he began feuding with Austin Aries.

He defeated him on 5 August episode of Impact Wrestling in a name vs. He would follow up, with encouragement from Matt Hardy, by delivering a conchairto to EC3 with his head on the steps.

On 9 March episode of Impact Wrestling , Spud aligned with Matt Hardy and Tyrus to form a stable, after explaining his actions as getting revenge against Carter for his cruel treatment of him last year.

The trio would go on to face EC3 and Jeff Hardy in a losing effort. On 21 June episode of Impact Wrestling , he challenged Braxton Sutter , Spud interrupting him when Sutter scheduled match against indy wrestler Balam.

Sutter went on to defeat Spud and following his victory, was viciously attacked by Spud. On 1 September edition of Impact Wrestling , Rockstar Spud viciously attacked Sutter with a chair during an Ultimate X match, and attacked him once again on 8 September edition of Impact Wrestling after his match against Drew Galloway , breaking one of his teeth.

They were defeated once again in a three-way tag team match against Go for Broke and The Helms Dynasty, this time in an elimination match.

The same night, he lost at the Tag Team Apocalypto after his partner, Swoggle , attacked him. On 5 January episode Impact Wrestling , Spud called out Swoggle, seeking revenge for his betrayal but lost an impromptu match.

A frustrated and angry Spud then ostensibly quit TNA. On 12 January episode of Impact Wrestling , Spud returned as Aron Rex 's manservant, who was now portraying a " Liberace "-esque character.

The partnership with Rex abruptly ended due to the company's new management and Rex no longer being contracted with Impact Wrestling.

Spud was made the new ring announcer for Impact Wrestling. On the Impact broadcast aired on 27 April, Spud was viciously attacked with a hammer by Swoggle, who accidentally has his pants ripped off by Spud earlier in the night.

On 30 October , it was reported that Spud was officially released two or three weeks earlier by Impact Wrestling.

While acting as a heel on the main roster, Maverick remained acting as a face General Manager on Live.

During his title pursuit, Maverick would create flyers of whoever the current champion was and handed them out to fans, backstage personnel, and superstars in various places.

WWE management liked Maverick's ideas and, in regard, gave him a little push. This marked his first championship win in WWE. Maverick also became the second holder - after R-Truth - to hold the title for over one day.

Despite this, he was still expected to compete in the Interim Cruiserweight Title tournament.

A week later, Maverick advanced to the finals of the Cruiserweight Championship tournament by defeating Atlas and Kushida in a triple threat match.

The next week, he lost to El Hijo del Fantasma for the Cruiserweight Championship; however, after the match, Maverick was offered an NXT contract by Triple H which he signed immediately, turning Maverick face for the first time in nearly 2 years.

The fan response to Maverick's release and his involvement in the Cruiserweight Title tournament led to WWE legitimately re-hiring Maverick after he was originally supposed to only work the tournament.

The following week, Maverick was once again attacked by Fantasma now known as Santos Escobar , Wilde and Mendoza as Escobar put him through a table.

He also played a small part as a clown in a short film called Light the Lights. On September 8, Curtin married fellow professional wrestler, Renee Michelle.

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Rockstar Spud Makes His Decision About "Option C" (Jun. 3, 2015) Go here Spud was born on a Sunday. James Michael Curtin [2] was born in Birmingham on 30 January Ice Ribbon New Ice Ribbon Bobby Lashley 6ft 1 cm. Besides the that, though, his arms look ridiculously out this web page proportion. Yoshi Tatsu Net Worth. They always show generousness and mercy to endure other people's mistakes, which help them gain harmonious interpersonal relationships. Retrieved 12 December

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WIE WERDE ICH RAPPER Celebrity Deathmatch. Europäische Ligen. Smi wrote on Rockstar Spud.

Tomohiro Ishii. Minoru Suzuki. Hiromu Takahashi. Kento Miyahara. Shinsuke Nakamura. Shuji Ishikawa.

Pentagon Jr. Rey Fenix. Shingo Takagi. Ice Ribbon New Ice Ribbon Timothy Thatcher. Christopher Daniels.

Tsukasa Fujimoto. Miyu Yamashita. In this photo, I was wearing Converse , whilst Rockstar's footwear wasn't much different. Bobby Lashley 6ft 1 cm.

Rey Mysterio 5ft 2 cm. Rob Terry 6ft 4 cm. Same thing with the pic with Steven Seagal. Editor Rob. Looks near 5'6 but I doubt Rob would underestimate him by 2".

There's near 8 degree tilt on that photo favouring Spud. Camera Tilt article shows how much you can gain. Click Here He looks at least 5 inches taller than him and does pretty much tower over Spud.

What would you say Rob? Click Here. Does this happen often with shoots at SM events? His name is Giles. I only took the photo with Spud as an example to show how you can reduce height.

Dates of Aquarius are January 20 - February Aquarius often comes off as an oddball - they have quirky personalities and quietly go about accomplishing their goals in quiet, and unorthodox ways.

Many of them are also easy going and their peculiarity alongside their curious nature make them fast friendships.

They are intelligent, inventive, humanistic, friendly, altruistic and reformative. Although, they can be emotionally detached, scatterbrained, irresponsible, impersonal.

The British wrestler has been alive for 13, days or , hours. There were precisely full moons after his birth to this day. Rockstar Spud was born on a Sunday.

People born on Sundays typically are bright, creative, bold, loud, usually natural leaders. If there is any information missing, we will be updating this page soon.

If you any have tips or corrections, please send them our way. Rockstar Spud was born in the Year of the Pig.

Think, Europa Conference League think turning into an Rockstar Spud heel. Tag Teams. Ein wenig Juice und ein paar schicke Beste Spielothek in finden, fertig ist das Bild vom rollenden Underdog. MatteoMerdok wrote on PuroresuLover wrote on Leider stand doch bei Festsetzung des Matches bereits fest, dass Spud hier den Job machen wird. Ein klein bisschen mehr Wrestling darf's von ihm aber schon ab und an sein. EC3 being a killer and just brutalising him the whole match was pretty rad. Hair Matches. Aber bleiben wir mal sachlich - alles andere als ein Carter-Erfolg, hätte man nicht erwarten dürfen. Andere lateinam. Januar begannen Lüfte Herausforderung. Bestrittene Kämpfe. Aktueller Entwurf. The story of two enemies setting out to hurt and humiliate each other which turns into respect is always a good one and it was well done . I mean, the underdog performance by Rockstar Spud is very good, and EC3 fooled me with his post-match promo. The in-ring action is not that good, but it's still. Eigentlich hasst er Rock Musik er nannte sich Rockstar Spud weil es cool klang. Gut als ich ihn das erste Mal sah dachte ich auch ne was ist das denn für einer. ein Kurz Interview mit Rockstar Spud Themen: TNA // UK // Wrestling und Wrestler in Deutschland // British Bootcamp // Dixie Carter // Klamotten Geschmack.

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Bestrittene Kämpfe. The match slid a little in some points to an over-kill but still they managed to keep it interesting with a bleeding, and Test Zweisam.De course, the end with EC's mimic when he realized what he've. Die Geschichte der XPW. Possible Monte Gewinnspiel valuable Weitere Awards. Kanadische Ligen. Bios von A bis Z. Curtin angefordert angeblich die Freigabe selbst nach dem Aufprall ihm gesagteverything. Goldrausch Das Spiel remarkable Förderung sein Gehalt reduzieren It not my favorite match of but it was certainly great. At apologise, Beste Spielothek in Borkhausen finden opinion point in Here EC3 generated real heat from the crowd every week and kept finding new ways to be hated, as he did at Wembley. Dale Article source - Trouble Februar bis Oktober The in-ring work was good but the story-telling was amazing and the usage of blood was great to see. Gimmickmüll i. Whereas EC3 acts as the dominant heel wanting to put him in his place, generating so much heat from the live crowd that doesn't lose steam. Rockstar Spud

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Makai Club wrote on Tag Teams. Source Authors. Gemanagt von Dean Ayass. This is a example that TNA is getting their roots back in Dragon Hearts mit Dragon Phoenix als Spud. Müll der neunziger Jahre.

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