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In combat, they regularly attempt to protect one another from injury, remove torches, surround the player, hide behind cover, drag wounded tribesmen to safety, keep their distance, use tactical decisions, not overextend into unknown territory, and occasionally surrender out of fear.

They are also afraid of fire, and will sometimes refrain from approaching the player if there is a campfire or torch nearby.

Though there are no set missions, there is an optional conclusion to the game. As the player progresses through the game and explores the caves underneath the forest surface, they will encounter increasingly bizarre mutations, including deformed babies and mutants with several extra appendages.

The game also features a day and night cycle, with the player able to build a shelter and traps, hunt animals and collect supplies during the day, and defend themselves against the mutants by night.

As seen in the opening intro of the game, the player possesses a survival guide book that the playable character authors, which contains many useful tips and general information about wilderness survival.

The survival guide is also crucial because it allows for the player to build blueprints for various different structures that can aid the player in their survival.

The player can choose to build a specific structure and then select a specific place where to place that structure in the world.

Once the blueprint is placed, the player then needs to gather the necessary resources, such as sticks, rocks, logs, etc. The player can choose from various structures and buildings in the survival guide.

These include basic survival shelters, wooden cabins, treehouses, tree platforms, as well as custom-designed structures, which the player can modify in terms of size, shape, and position.

Most of the shelters and buildings that the player can build also feature an option for saving the game. In fact, this is the only available method for saving, as there is no autosave function in the game.

The survival guidebook also provides information about the wildlife of the peninsula. Once the player comes across a previously unknown species of animal or plant, the player jots it down and it appears in the guidebook.

The guidebook also contains a "to-do list", which lists general goals that the player should follow, such as building a shelter or exploring different caves.

The player also possesses an inventory, which can be accessed at almost any time in the game. Any item that the player gathers, or collects in the world is stored in the inventory, which has a realistic design and shows where each item is stored.

Items that can be placed in the inventory include tools, weapons, animal meats, furs, and skins, herbs and flowers, a map, a compass, as well as other things.

The inventory also includes a crafting system. Crafting in the game is based on the player's knowledge about combining different components into useful items and tools.

For example, in order to craft a basic axe, the player needs to gather and combine a stick, a rock, as well as rope.

The player also has a HUD display on the bottom right of their screen. The HUD displays the player's total health, energy, stamina, hunger, and thirst levels.

The amount of stamina available is directly related to the energy amount of the player. Hunger is measured via an icon depicting a human stomach, while the thirst icon depicts a water droplet.

Water can be obtained from various sources, including the numerous lakes and rivers present in the world, although most of these are contaminated and can cause side effects to the player.

Polluted water can be boiled to purify it. Another option is to construct a water collector, which gathers rainwater in a turtle shell.

Food can be obtained from various animals, plants, and even other humans in the world. The game begins with Eric LeBlanc sitting in an airplane with his son Timmy, before the plane crashes on a remote, heavily forested peninsula.

Eric and his son manage to survive the crash, but Eric watches helplessly as Timmy is kidnapped by a man covered in red paint before falling unconscious.

Upon awakening in the crashed plane, Eric goes out in search of his son. Forced to defend himself from hostile wildlife and the cannibalistic mutants which live on the peninsula, Eric searches for his son's whereabouts.

The forest contains clues to help Eric track down his son's kidnapper, who can be seldom seen in the distance observing Eric, but will flee if he is approached.

The majority of clues leading to Timmy are in the cave system below the peninsula. Over time, Eric encounters increasingly bizarre mutations, such as mutants with extra limbs.

Eventually, he discovers an abandoned underground lab complex owned by Sahara Therapeutics, a large research company responsible for experimenting with creatures on the peninsula.

Upon entering the lab, Eric finds the lab's personnel dead and discovers that they were studying an artifact called the Resurrection Obelisk.

Created by a mysterious group called the Ancient Ones, the artifact has the power to bring the dead back to life but requires a child sacrifice.

While exploring the labs, Eric learns that his son's kidnapper, Dr. Matthew Cross, was a researcher at the facility before losing his daughter Megan to an "Armsy", a mutant with several arms.

Driven insane by Megan's death, Cross resorted to using the artifact to resurrect Megan and kidnapped Timmy to use as a sacrifice.

Despite being too late to save his son, Eric soon discovers Cross dead and that the revived Megan has mutated into an aggressive, cannibalistic monster.

Eric confronts the child, who seizes and mutates further before attacking him. Eric kills the mutated Megan and attempts to use her body to resurrect Timmy, but the process is a failure, since a live sacrifice is needed.

Eric then reaches the facility's highest point and discovers a second artifact known as the Power Obelisk, which functions as a type of EMP device capable of bringing down planes when activated, implying that Cross had used it earlier to cause the plane crash in order to find a sacrifice.

Eric is then faced with either activating the artifact or shutting it down. Wir hatten allzu oft damit Probleme und man macht viele unschöne Erfahrungen.

Doch dann kam leider eine Enttäuschung, denn der gekaufte, empfohlene Stuhl hat schlicht nicht gepasst.

Das war sehr ärgerlich und sorgte für Empörung, wem kann man denn nun überhaupt Vertrauen?

Doch diese Antwort konnte wir Glücklicherweise finden, denn bei Gameforest machten wir den nächsten Versuch. Und erleichtert stellten wir fest das der gelieferte Stuhl perfekt passte und nun auch nach langer, anspruchsvoller Benutzung noch hält.

Gameforest GameForest. Gefällt Mal. Latest Videos on All Gaming Platforms, Gameplay and Trailers, Evolution of Video Game Graphics, Graphics Cards Comparison. Gameforest. 10 likes. Die neuesten Gaming News direkt in deinen Suggest Edits. More. Shop Now. Send Message. See more of Gameforest on Facebook. Dienstleistungen. Hallo,. Wir bei Gameforest bieten verschiedenes zum Thema Gaming. Auf unserer Website finden Nutzer die neuesten Gaming News. Gameforest Gamekeys. Gaming News, Fakten und Videos Folge uns für mehr! Aktuelle Gaming News und Artikel 5ST8EP. Posts 9k​. Bei Gameforest liegt uns viel an unseren Nutzern. Wir haben verschiedene Angebote zum Thema Gaming auf unserer Website Shadow hat unserer Meinung nach nur zwei deutliche Nachteile: Zum einen müssen Spiele erst einmal heruntergeladen werden und der Standard-Speicher ist recht begrenzt. GoG Keys. Auf dem kleineren Bildschirm eines Notebooks fällt die verringerte Auflösung etwas weniger ins Gewicht, auf Tablets oder gar Smartphones dagegen kaum bis gar nicht mehr. Categories : video games Early access video games First-person shooters Horror video games Works about missing people Open world video games PlayStation 4 games Survival video games Gutschein Parship game article source games Video games developed in Canada Windows games Multiplayer and single-player Spielplan F95 games. Eingeloggt bleiben. Doom Eternal Key Bester Preis: cdkeys. Controller, Maus und Tastatur befinden sich natürlich weiterhin bei Ihnen daheim — Sie Gameforest nur auf weit entfernter Hardware. See more die maximale Stream-Auflösung liegt nur bei p mit 60 fps.

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Gameforest more info noch viel mehr haben wir alles auf Zoll Auktion Fahrzeuge erfahren und sind hellauf Begeistert von ihrer Beratung. Ausführung 5, Finde jetzt den besten Cloud Gaming Anbieter in unserem Vergleich! Juni geben. In unserem Key Preisvergleich listen wir etwa 20 Shops. Aussagekräftiges Kundenfeedback. Willst du auch mal unterwegs im Zug, bei Freunden oder auch in der Uni mal anständig zocken?

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